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08 October 2010 @ 01:20 am
90210 3x03 & 3x04  
I'm LOVING this season so far. Hal Ozsan is doing a terrific job and the Teddy storyline has started well.

It's the start of senior year for the main characters. After a wonderful summer, Teddy and Silver are more in love than ever. But the first day of school, there's an eartquake and Teddy gets injured on the leg. His doctor tells him that he has to rest for some weeks, but he doesn't listen to him and plays a tennis game without having been cleared. He breaks and he probably won't be able to play tennis ever again.

Teddy is so upset that he starts drinking. Silver doesn't like it, because not only he drinks, he lies to her. And she had enough of that with her mother. So she thinks that he's not being rational and breaks up with him after she sees Naomi trying to seduce him (it's a long story, but it's not relevant except for the fact that Teddy look REALLY uncomfortable with a semi-naked Naomi in front of him xD).

I really think Silver should have been more supportive. Teddy wasn't behaving very well, but it was a very difficult time for him. He practically lived to be a professional tennis player, and he lost it in a minute.

One day Teddy wakes up with a terrible hangover and realizes that he has slept with someone, but apparently he doesn't remember who was his partner.

Trying to forget it, he decides that he's going to get back with Silver no matter what.

That girl is very interested in both Liam and Teddy. And this is Ian. He's VERY cute. He says hello to Teddy and heads his way.

Teddy tells Silver how much he needs her, and she forgives him. I really, really loved this pairing, I'm kind of sad that they are not a couple anymore. But, since Teddy is going after a boy now, I guess I'm fine with it.

It's late. Teddy is finishing homework and then he sees Ian. He tries to avoid him, but Ian sees him and wants to talk to him.

Teddy: Stay away from me, all right? I mean it.
Ian: Look, I just wanna tell you it's cool. You don't have to worry, okay? I'm not gonna tell anybody that we hooked up.

Wooooooooooooo! Ian is very nice, I love him a lot. But Teddy doesn't... yet.

Teddy sees Silver and Ian talking and worries. But it's nothing, Silver it's organizing a charity event and Ian is helping her, so they were talking about it. But Teddy is very concerned about the whole situation.

Silver wants the boys to do a dance number at the auction. The boys complain, but Teddy, who wants to support his girlfriend, says that he'll do it. Then Silver informs them that Ian will be their coreographer. Teddy worries even more.

Ian is teaching the boys the coreography. Teddy isn't doing a very good job, so Ian tries to show him. Teddy keeps getting more and more frustrated until he snaps.

Ian: What is wrong with you?
Teddy: Look sorry if I can't dance but I'm not a friggin' faggot like you!
Ian: Screw you Teddy.

Silver is horrified. Teddy obviously regrets it, but he's so defensive that he tells her that Ian was provoking him. Yeah, Teddy, whatever. Denial land is a very bad place.

After the charity event Teddy tries to apologize to Silver, but she tells him that she's not the one he should apologize to, and breaks up with him, this time for good. Aw :(

Teddy is very angry and then he sees Ian again.
Teddy: Stay the hell away from me.
Ian: I don't want to be around you, trust me.
Teddy: I'm serious man, you come near me again and I'm gonna kick your ass.
Ian: Look, just because you can't deal with who you really are, don't take it out on me.
The boys fight and Mr. Matthews comes to separate them.

Mr. Matthews wants to know why they were fighting. Ian says that it's nothing. Even with all that Teddy has done to him, he keeps protecting him. Ian es very, very nice. The boys end getting a detention.

Detention together, will Teddy realize he's being a jerk and apologize to Ian? Well, the promo picture from next week's episode looks promising:

Liking this storyline so far, can't wait to watch more.

Current Music: Beck, "Lost Cause"
wesleyosowesleyoso on October 8th, 2010 07:52 pm (UTC)
Que bueno!!XD
ME dan ganas de empezar a hacer lo mismo con TVD!!!XD
porque es tan "Sensacion de vivir" solo que con vampiros...pero me ganas, que tu tienes gays fuera del armario!! Los de esta serie estan enclosetados todos...XDDD
Hide-fanhidefan on October 8th, 2010 08:06 pm (UTC)
Dales tiempo, yo he tenido que esperar hasta la tercera temporada para una storyline así xD Y Teddy era lo más hetero del mundo hace nada xDDD