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11 April 2018 @ 12:32 am
A few years ago, when I was still obsessed with Sherlock, I bought one of Benedict Cumberbatch's earlier movies, back when he wasn't nearly as famous as he is now. I didn't realize then that it didn't include subtitles. It didn't bother me much at first because I did fine with other movies in the past that didn't had subs, but then one day I tried to watch it and... Oh boy. It is a British film, of course it is, so I barely understood a thing. And here I was, thinking that I understood English well!

Fast forward some years. I lost my job and it took way longer that I expected to find another one, so in the meantime I decided to do an English course and prepare for the Cambridge exam, just so I could have an official title (and the minute I started the classes I found a job, of course). I thought that if I got a good grade, then maybe I'd be able to watch this movie.

Fortunately I got a really good grade, and much to my surprise, I aced the listening exam. That meant I was ready to watch anything, right? That was months ago, and I finally decided to try it out tonight. Guess what? I was able to watch it!!! I mean, I didn't catch everything, but I understood most of it, so that makes me very proud of myself :)

Oh, and also I have to thank Skins and Misfits for teaching me the British slurs, I guess I really needed words like "twat" in my vocabulary xDDD