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22 March 2007 @ 12:36 am
Lovely Tim  
Ayer leí una entrevista genial a Tim Omundson y me mató esta respuesta:

Q) What about your role is challenging?

A) It is challenging keeping a straight face to James Roday. That is what they pay me for. They don't pay me for the acting. They pay me to keep a straight face because that is the hardest work. That to me, is like working in a salt mine. Like I said, he just destroys me every take. We have such similar sense of humor. In fact, we all do! The whole ensemble comes from the same foundation of what we think of funny. We execute it differently, but we all have the same idea of what we like and that's why I think the show works so well. James and I love the same comedians and the same kind of comedy. He just destroys me every take. It is really difficult every take. I am such a bad actor around him, which is hard because I am playing such a straight guy. I am not allowed a crack of a smile and once it starts I can't stop that freight train!

Si no entendéis el inglés, básicamente dice que en esta serie no le pagan por actuar, sino por poder mantenerse serio mientras James Roday hace sus payasadas, porque es dificilísimo xDDD

Quiero el DVD con las tomas falsas YA.
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